“INTRACEUTICALS” is an oxygen treatment, it is high level technology for healthy, rejuvenated Skin, which is long-lasting without surgery or injections!

CLAIRE-MILLIA ESTHETIQUE offers “INTRACEUTICALS” treatments & products appreciated and used for over 10 years by Hollywood celebrities. The effect is immediate and spectacular, and the treatment procures long lasting results.

415 €

Grand soin 4 saisons “Intraceuticals” (2h30)
Prodigious 4 Seasons facial “Intraceuticals”

“Intraceuticals” treatment with Drainage or Aesthetical Massage

190 €

“Intraceuticals” Treatment (1h15)

250 €

“Intraceuticals” Treatment (1h45)
With 2nd ATOXELENE Serum

290 €

“Intraceuticals” Treatment  (2h15)
With 2nd ATXELENE Serum + Booster Serum